Susan Sarandon & Geena Davis: Thelma & Louise (1991)




Ridley Scott’s Thelma and Louise (1991) is the ultimate ‘buddy’ adventure movie, that explores the lives of two best friends who’s fishing trip turns into the vacation of a lifetime. Thelma (Geena Davis) is convinced by gal-pal Louise (Susan Sarandon), to join her on a trip where they escape from the problems in their lives. Thelma is controlled by her piggish husband and Louise is stuck with a man who wont commit. The film is packed full of violence, drama, car-chases and humor whilst also exploring themes of friendship, sexism, and feminism.

Critics responses were mainly positive, with feminists and women everywhere praising the film for the liberation of women. Some critics were more sceptical, stating that the film glamorizes recklessness, violence and that it portrayed men in an unfair and chauvinistic light. Whatever the opinion, you cannot argue that these two women look like total badass’s, with their high-waisted Levi’s, ripped tees and cowboy boots. This look is so reminicent of the 90’s and can easily be recreated into our own style today without making a huge style statement.



Thelma and Louise take a ‘selfie’ before we even knew what a ‘selfie’ was.


Their wardrobe evolves throughout the film as their characters do. At the start of the film Louise is in a stylish headscarf and lipstick, whilst Thelma has perfect curls and a soft blue eyeshadow. Who knew that by the end of the film they would rampaging around Texas in with messy up-do’s and dirty faces, pointing guns at those who don’t do as they say. Geena Davis even stated that during filming, they would role around in the dirt a bit to scruff up their appearence before certain scenes.



Now, this is how to do double denim (above). I know that its not for everyone but the knotted sleeveless shirt breaks it up a bit and shows off Thelma’s (Geena) tanned arms and midreff. This was the shirt that Thelma aquired from her brief tryst with J.D (Brad Pitt), yet she has just ripped the sleeves off which you can see tied around Louise’s (Susan) neck.  I love Louise’s plain white vest tucked into her jeans alongside her gun. There is no better or simpler look that a white basic teamed with jeans.




If you have not seen this film, I thoroughly reccomend it. Especially if you are home alone with your best girlfriend with a tub of ice cream on a Saturday night, trying to decide which rom-com you can cry over. This is a fantastic alternative and is equally satisfying. I promise you will start arguing over which one of you is Thelma and which one of you is Louise


Check out how to get the Thelma and Louise style below!



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